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Experience High Distinction Visual Effects For:


• Indoor fireworks (for Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Any Celebration)
• Outdoor fireworks (for Weddings, New Year Eve, Lunar New Year, Community Festivals)
• Pyromusical (Indoor and Outdoor Shows)
• Water Fireworks (Fireworks on Lakes, Rivers, Sea)
• Waterfall Effects
• Flame Fire Fireworks Effects

• Fire Flame Projectors
• Fireball Effects
• Chinese Fire-crackers
• Dry Ice Fog (Highest Quality)
• Smoke Effect

• Haze Effect

• Fog Effects
• Bubbles Effect
• Snow Flakes Effect
• Confetti Cannons
• Streamer Cannons
• Rose petal Cannons

• Sparkular Machines (Fireworks Simulator Machines)

4x Silver Fountains
Cake Fireworks 2
Gold Fountains 6x
Metallic Streamer Cannons
Silver Fountains 6x
Waterfall Fireworks
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