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HD FIREWORKS recommends that all clients book minimum 2 months in advance for any indoor or outdoor fireworks show. This enables sufficient time for the planning and notification to the relevant authorities. We do accept last minute bookings subject to availability and conditions. Keep in mind that the warmer months tend to be the peak season.

Banking Details

Payment can be made to:
Bank: ANZ
Account Name: HD Fireworks
BSB: 013381
Account Number: 480884975

Thank You for choosing HD FIREWORKS to provide outstanding products & services to your special occasion.

We endeavour to deliver high distinction results throughout every event.


Please read the full terms & conditions below before submitting the Service Agreement:


1. HD FIREWORKS sources the highest quality fireworks that produce low smoke or are even ‘smokeless’, however we do not guarantee that all products will perform to the standards and may vary results considerably.

2. The deposit amount is 20% of the total amount. The deposit amount is non-refundable and is payable upon signing of this Service Agreement. The deposit amount guarantees the booking date to be reserved.

3. Full payment is due 7 days before the event booking date. Balance remaining must be settled 7 days or earlier prior to the event date or else HD FIREWORKS will not be liable for not attending the event. 

4. Any amendments to the booking must be made in writing and agreed by both parties.

5. Any cancellations must be made in writing and in the case that full payment or partial payment has been paid, a 100% refund for the amount paid less the deposit amount is applicable if notification is provided at least three months prior to the booking date. If notification is received within the three months period of the booking date, a 50% refund less the deposit amount is applicable.

6. Where certain restrictions limit or prevent the products or services being used at the venue, a substitution of another permissible product or service will be offered as a replacement.

7. HD FIREWORKS engages in strict safety precaution measures to ensure the safety of everyone, however in unforeseen or accidental situations beyond our control, we will not be liable for any injuries or damages sustained by cause of direct or indirect by the products & services at the event.

8. At the venue or time of firing, where HD FIREWORKS deem public safety or other hazards is of concerning issue, we will cease firing until the situation is rectified to be safe to continue.

9. HD FIREWORKS will not be liable for any misfires, or malfunction of the products and services offered at the event. In the case of any misfire or malfunction, HD FIREWORKS reserves the right to cease firing until the problem can be determined and rectified.

10. HD FIREWORKS utilises state-of-the-art wireless firing systems and equipment which are thoroughly tested to perform to the highest standards, however in the event that any equipment or product fails to perform, HD FIREWORKS will not be held responsible for any such failures.

11. Any permits or additional fees required for the location of setup & firing will be passed onto the client.

12. By submitting the Service Agreement Booking Form, you give consent or have arranged for HD FIREWORKS to perform the show at the specified location or venue on your event.

13. You acknowledge that the venue has approved the products or services of your requirements for your event.

14. HD FIREWORKS may from time to time take photos and film the event for promotional & demonstration purposes. If you do not approve this activity, you must provide a written letter stating your decision.

15. HD Fireworks staff arrive promptly to perform at the advised time by the client. There is a maximum of one hour waiting time. Any additional waiting time required will be charged at $100 per hour thereafter. 


I have read and accepted the full terms & conditions of HD FIREWORKS.

I have read and accepted all details of the Service Agreement. I understand any amendments to the Service Agreement must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

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