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firework elements

Fireworks are an aesthetic arrangement of various fire producing elements. In this respect we can find in fire an essence of art in fireworks. This would be the reason why even simple lance work is admired by many people today in spite of the sophisticated development in illumination technology.

Light, smoke, noise and floating matter are the four elements of fireworks. The first three are especially important. When we classify lights by their emitting mechanism,colour, emitting substance, brightness, we have 26 kinds.

The common colours of fireworks are: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gold, Silver, White.

The popularindoorfireworkcolours are:
Gold, Silver, Gold & Silver Mixed, Rainbow.


A firework display on a plain is calm, but in a gorge is intense with its loud echoes. A river or lake is one of the most desirable backgrounds because it harmonises well with fireworks, and gives calmness.


Weather conditions particularly disturb the beauty of fireworks and a cloudy sky especially hides the flowers of fire. Strong wind is not desirable, but no wind is equally unhelpful because it causes a large volume of stagnant smoke which is produced by the fireworks; a breeze is most desirable. The humidity of the air needs to be low, because high humidity creates dense smoke at the display.


Nature cannot be controlled by humans although it is possible to foresee the conditions to some extent. At HD FIREWORKS, when we plan a firework display, we try to arrange it so that it harmonises with these backgrounds as far as possible.


Our careful selection of colours, types, sizes and different varieties are important aspects in making a show exciting and unique. We source only the highest quality fireworks made across the world and in Australia.

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